Mission Statement

The Partnership for Music Ministry Renewal (PMMR) is a non-profit organization created to promote healthy collaboration between clergy and musicians, church music and worship education for pastors and music ministers, and consultations with local churches in matters of worship and music.


we seek to:

Promote mutual respect between pastors and musicians for their unique functions and roles in ministry;

Encourage an understanding of vocation and calling;

Focus on God and the community of faith as the context for music making and other worship matters;

Advocate for servant leadership, not a thirst for power;

Nurture visionary direction;

Discourage attitudes and practices that would divide the congregation;

Inspire spiritual relationships between worship leaders, founded in prayer and discipleship;

Support an atmosphere of teamwork that recognizes and celebrates different personality styles and approaches to conflict management;

Offer opportunities for continuing education in church music, worship design and theology for clergy, musicians and laity.