Individual Coaching (pastor or musician)

Receive help with your personal issues related to a clergy/musician relationship

Relationship Coaching (pastor or musician)

Get help with your relationship as a team

Seminars, Workshops and Retreats

Explore avenues for improving clergy/musician relationships using group settings


Delve into this personality assessment tool to discover your personality types and how they interact with other personality types, i.e. with your pastor and musician

Conflict Resolution

Explore techniques used in the business world to address these kinds of situations

Worship Design Training

Investigate approaches to worship design that involve healthy collaboration


Utilize techniques known as onboarding that are well-known in the business world to facilitate the adjustment of having a new pastor and/or musician

Spiritual Gifts

Explore how the individual spiritual gifts of clergy and musicians can enhance the possibilities for their music ministries

Online Certificate Studies (coming)

Online courses for clergy and musicians to enhance their worship and musical leaders


FULL-COST GRANTS FOR INDIVIDUAL AND TEAM COACHING SESSIONS are now available from a generous benefactor.

COSTS FOR LARGER GROUP EVENTS, i.e., retreats, seminars, etc., are determined by the length and nature of the  specific events.

Contact us for more information.